In 1988, what began as a one-time project led to a realization by Bob Pruitt, owner of Data Center Equipment & Support (DCES), that there could be many opportunities to help data center managers not only liquidate retired equipment and move data centers from one location to another but to also retrofit aging equipment or find new and surplus equipment. In pursuing this opportunity, Bob realized that he had a gift to assist corporate management as a troubleshooter, equipment expeditor, and project manager for installing or uninstalling equipment. Referrals quickly led to new business and a multi-million-dollar company was created.

Under the name of DP Support and, later, Sure Companies, Bob created various companies to administer specialized needs for data center managers: air conditioning, gensets, power distribution equipment, installation, and de-installation, even acting as a second opinion for the purchasing manager to ensure that the right equipment at the right price was being purchased. He then began recruiting engineers, technicians, and administrators to help oversee the support services that he was providing to data center managers. It became a “niche service” offering that proved to be successful and effective. Referrals continued as did repeat business.

Our Team

Data Center Equipment & Support, LLC has a professional staff with engineering, technical, and service backgrounds. We know what lies underneath a data center floor and the equipment manufacturers that are best suited to keep a data center from crashing. Our team has placed thousands of pieces of equipment in data centers all over the country. We’re excited to make your location our next success story.

Our staff has over a century of combined experience in remanufacturing used data center equipment and the technical expertise to diagnose our customers’ specific needs. When we say zero-hour quality, we mean it – and we back it up with our industry-leading warranty. When air conditioners, UPSs, PDUs, generators, and even remanufactured spare parts ship out of here, not only do they look and perform like brand new, but our warranty is also even better than brand new…guaranteed!

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Our Full Range of Services

We are a trusted choice in the market for Liebert air conditioners, offering the largest used and surplus inventory.

Data Center Air Conditioners

Our staff has the technical skills to translate other makers' products into onsite installations.

Equipment & Supplies

Data Center Equipment & Support, LLC is the right partner to help you recover part of your investment.

Data Center Demolition, Liquidation, & Decommissioning

Moving data center equipment requires skilled personnel to transport sensitive equipment.

Data Center Installation & Relocation

The planning of your data center is essential, and we have a team that considers all options and alternatives.

Data Center Design

At DCES we have adapted our decades of experience with high-tech facilities to develop and operate indoor canopy across dozens of sites.

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