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Data Center Equipment & Support understands what it takes to design, build, and operate a data center. That is why we customize your needs throughout the entire process. We specialize in data center design in Plano, TX. The planning of your data center is essential, and we have a team that considers all options and alternatives that can make your data center perfect for you. The design process is filled with intricate details and finite procedures that consider every outcome. Throughout our experience working with Fortune 500 companies from Dallas, TX to New York, NY, and everywhere in between, we have a lot to offer.

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Detail in Every Design

These are the solutions we can craft and design for your data center:

  • Power Demands – If there is anything specific to know about data centers, they have a high power demand. Any data center design must withstand an excessive amount. Throughout the design process, we take this into account.
  • Optimized Cooling – Maintaining your equipment at the proper temperatures is a must to run your data center properly. If your equipment overheats, it could cost millions to repair or replace. Data Center Equipment & Support maps out the proper computer room air conditioner. We plan a proper room cooling system.
  • Server Racks – While it may seem small, correctly selecting the suitable server racks for your equipment is a serious detail that often gets overlooked. Choosing a rack that does not factor in the growth of a business can be a costly expense down the road.
  • Airflow Management – Cooling is only one aspect of temperature control in our data center design. Having the proper airflow for your equipment and server racks is crucial. Strategically placing where the intake and exhaust are installed can make or break your data center.
  • Security & Compliance – Cybersecurity and physical security are equally important and need to be focused on throughout the design process. Inputting a compliance audit checklist is another area our team focuses our attention on.
  • Always Leave Room for Growth – Do you want your business to grow and succeed? We do, and that is why we always want to leave room for sustainable growth without costing more money down the line.

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