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Have you been searching for reliable CRAC unit installation services near Fort Worth, TX? Look no further than Data Center Equipment & Support, LLC!

We’re a trustworthy and experienced company that has been providing IT services for three decades, and we’ve helped countless clients in the area. We are proud to be the experts in the installation and maintenance of critical environment cooling units and other essential equipment needed to maintain a safe, uninterrupted flow of power in your data center.

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At Data Center Equipment & Support, LLC, we are proud to offer a wide range of data center services, like CRAC unit installations and Liebert UPS, as well as data center decommissioning, data center relocation, and data center design. We are also an expert in indoor grow setup.

You want to ensure that the company you hire is experienced, professional, and reliable, we understand. Therefore, we work hard to provide you with quality workmanship and top-notch customer service at every step of the process.

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Your data center equipment is one of the most important components of your business. That’s why we’re here to make sure it never fails you. We are happy to assist you with the CRAC services that you need in Fort Worth, TX. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (972) 881-9009 and get a free estimate!

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We are a trusted choice in the market for Liebert air conditioners, offering the largest used and surplus inventory.

Data Center Air Conditioners

Our staff has the technical skills to translate other makers' products into onsite installations.

Equipment & Supplies

Data Center Equipment & Support, LLC is the right partner to help you recover part of your investment.

Data Center Demolition, Liquidation, & Decommissioning

Moving data center equipment requires skilled personnel to transport sensitive equipment.

Data Center Installation & Relocation

The planning of your data center is essential, and we have a team that considers all options and alternatives.

Data Center Design

At DCES we have adapted our decades of experience with high-tech facilities to develop and operate indoor canopy across dozens of sites.

Cannabis Growth Equipment

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